Our Intention

We are passionate about Sound Healing, Alchemy Crystal Bowls, Sound Baths, Stillness, Meditation, Community. 
We felt inspired to found the Alchemy Studio to share our passion with others to bring more harmony and peace to the world and support your on your journey with Sound. Our deep longing is to have a Community of Sound Practitioners, Healers and Sound Bathers. 
Sound is a tool to heal, to meditate, to connect and to elevate the frequency of us all. Our intention is also to be honest, authentic alchemy bowl resellers and crystal tones distributers we do not want to sell you anything. We love to help you to find the right bowl for you that will invite so much peace and healing into your life -(you can’t even imagine) and of course our hearts are filled with gratitude if you will attend one of our courses and we co-create and learn from each other but in the first place we want to become better humans, compassionate, grateful and be in service to you. 
We care about community it is not about us - it is about we - together.