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If the alchemy crystal bowls have found its way to you they hold some magic and healing for you to personally discover, experience and share. The soft unique healing sounds can fill your life with love, light and magic. Trust your heart and be open to the gifts that the alchemy bowls bring to your life.

Read on this site more about the Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls and why they hold so much miracles. Be open and receive.

Please feel free to contact us at any point. We love to flow with you through this process and assist you in the most supportive way.

Book a free bowl viewing/consultation/meeting (online or in person).

We offer from our hearts:


All our crystal singing bowls are the unique original high-quality Alchemy Bowls™ from  Crystal Tones®.

Incredible resonant & made of 99,99 % crystal quartz.

Personal Consultation

Contact us and we are so blessed to answer all your questions! And find the perfect bowl match for you. No matter if you are looking for your fist or a bowl that hamonizes with your set.

We do what we do bc we love what we do! Free & we have as much time as it take.

Book a free bowl viewing/consultation/meeting (online or in person).

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